Web Site Design
How do you want your web site to look and operate?


Network Design/Setup
What type of network system do you need to support your situation?


Computer Repair
We repair PC base type computers.


Computer Training
We provide basic computer training on operation to customers.


Digital Photography
We provide information and tip on use and operation.

About Us

MCP4U.com Company Overview
Our organization is designed to offer information and services related to computers, web sites, and digital photography. Our team’s goal is to produce the highest quality products and services available. Resulting in a highly rated customer satisfaction.

Company Background
The organization was started while attending Brevard Community College, during the completion of the Vocational Degree in Computer Repair Technology and Computer Electronic Technology Course. During this time period, I received many requests to provide computer work, knowledge and training to professional personnel from the public business sector, including private individuals and organizations.

Some of the organizations that the company’s personnel have worked for in the business sector are; Digital Computers, NASA, Kennedy Space Center and at Harris Corp. in Palm Bay FL.

In our company, we have a large range of experience working with different types of computers and servers. Working with the TCP/IP type protocol network systems, we have experience designing, developing and setting up complete network systems. Some of the job experiences that the company can offer are as follows:
 Computer Technician;
 Computer Repair;
 Computer Help Desk;
 System Technician;
 System Engineer;
 Computer Administrator;
 System Administrator;
 Network Administrator;
 Computer Test Lab Administrator;
 Software Test Engineer;
 Software Application Engineer;
 Software Engineer.

CEO Message
We here at MCP4U.com are committed to provide the customers with what they want. If we cannot provide what they are looking for, we will help them to try to find it else where. Quality of product and services are #1. I hope we satisfy your needs in the future, and I am glade that you are one of our customers.

Thank you again, from the Management of MCP4U.com.

Mission Statement
Our team’s goal is to produce the highest quality products and services available. Our trademark statement is: “We make it easy for you!”, and our commitment is to do this for you. 


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