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We draw, design, develop, configure setup and establish web sites for personal use, small mid-size organizations and businesses. We can get you up and running; a “turnkey” installation web sites.


We here at MCP4U.com are glad that you are visiting our web site. Please take the time to look everything over. There is a lot of different information here to see.

This web site is under construction at the present time, but will be updated daily until it is complete. This page has been designed and built to display all the features that are offered by the organization. Or at best a sampling of the items and areas that we specialize in.  We will try to show some usable information and provide to you a service to get your computer related needs satisfied.



On this page are a few examples of dynamic page type displays. Above and to the right is an ““animated gif” type file. Just above is a sample of a “ticker tape script file”. Below is an example of “rotating pictures”, that are all sized the same and can have a link to each picture that shows up.


Web Site Artwork, Design, Development, Setup and Management.

Thank you for visiting our web site, and I hope we provide information and service to you in a professional manor.

The Management of MCP4U.com


Updated June 22, 2003

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